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April 2018

In Neighborhood Network programs, children and youth improve grades and build leadership skills.

Despite being hungry, hiding from bombs, Cora der Koorkanian said love motivated her survival, caring.
About 5,000 students, teachers and community members gathered for March for Our Lives March 24 in Spokane.
Gonzaga professor Brian Henning works with students, faculty and community to call for curricula focus, divestment and sustainability
Ken Fay of now Liberty Lake says omfort dogs draw out grief to bring healing after shootings, trauma.

Spokane author Claire Rudolf Murphy introduces new generation to 1960s leaders’ call for justice.

North Idaho woman, Teri McKenzie, plants seeds for a food revolution in the region

Christian father and Jewish mother introduce their children to both faiths in Spokane

Article PJALS and faith leaders plan for the Poor People’s Campaign locally
Editorial The Fig Tree is about sharing, reflecting, engaging and connecting
Sounding Board

Benefit speakers reflect on the importance of ‘including everyone’


March 2018

High school teacher introduces students to cultures, Holocaust survivors

Faith leaders encourage listening to help overcome divisions, hate.
Muslim community leaders lend insights to mobilize people to act
Regional church leader’s closing prayer is a call to courage and action
CEO for Lutheran Community Services reflects on career journey
Peer specialists walk with people as they step from homelessness into stability

Grants help learning communities address six ways to transform churches

DADS Committee helps support fathers in their desire to be better parents

Educators discuss exclusion discipline and collaborate with schools


Florida students speak out and step into an ongoing journey for action.



February 2018

Health and Justice Initiative advocates for patients by challenging systems and policies

Megan Snow says more than 97 percent of Red Cross disaster response is volunteers
Happy Watkins' mark on Spokane is much more than Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream

James Watkins, New Hope’s new pastor, was mentored by his father and predecessor

Martin Luther King commemoration service expresses unity and support

More than 3,000 rally and march for MLK Day 2018 in Spokane

Access 4 All seeks to make Spokane more accessible and welcoming

Sounding Board: Where do we go from here: Chaos or Community? question relevant today


Winters Waters, a program of Sierra ClubUpper Columbia and Center for Environmental Law and Policy, honors 3 journalists.

Editorial Focusing on division silences voices, while marches give people voices

In marching and challenging zoning policies and more we need to keep on...

January 2018

Holy Names Sister Kay Heberling developed treasured relationships with piano students over the years.

Firefighter Kurtis Robinson applies his firefighting skills to working for justice and equality through the NAACP Spokane.
Martin Luther King Jr. Family Outreach Center expands programs with move into East Central Community Center

Robert Trimble helps faith communityorganize interfaith service for MLK Day in Yakima; and other locations celebrate.

Lew and Gloria Hinshaw have an impact on seniors by volunteering as long-term care ombudsmen in Idaho

Brenda Hammond focuses on helping North Idaho children and parents develop secure attachment and relationships

Nichole Bogarosh promotes responsible media consumption as communication professor at Whitworth University

Ildikó Kalapács creates sculpture for local destination site to help people heal from war, abuse and trauma.

EWLC - Jan 27 Five bishops and regional church leaders will join in a panel discussion on “Framing Faithful Discourse for the Common Good” for the 2018 Eastern Washington Legislative Conference,

Poor People’s Campaign is a way to continue to reach out to those who fall


It is our obligation to keep hope alive if we are to be fully human






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