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Post Falls churches lead summer worship

For the third year, seven local churches came together to lead the Community Worship and Prayer Service for the Post Falls Festival weekend on Sunday, July 12. 

They said the service was local Christians joining together to worship in song, pray for the community and express gratitude for God’s many blessings.

Post Falls Church of the Nazarene’s Band led praise songs.  The pastor, Mark McWhorter, offered a welcome and invocation.

Roger Schwartz of Summit Northwest Ministries, a Seventh-Day Adventist Church, directed hymn singing.

Pastor Matt Erickson of Calvary Lutheran Church offered prayers for the Church, missionaries, Christian ministry and the world.

Pastor Nancy Goodwin of Community Presbyterian Church invited children forward and conversed with them about “how plants need water and how we are promised the water of life by Jesus to quench our spiritual thirst.”

Pastor Dan Chance of Oasis Foursquare Church led prayers for children, schools and organizations serving children and families.  He invited people to form small groups to add their own prayers.  Later, he prayed for government, military, police and first responders.

The preacher, Pastor John Weston of Sky Prairie United Methodist Church, had a youth group visiting from Salmon Creek United Methodist Church in Vancouver, Wash.  They read and acted out in costume the Scripture from John 4 about Jesus interacting with the Samaritan woman at the well.

John said she was into “us” and “them” thinking.  Jesus said that through the living water of spiritual nourishment he offered, turf wars would not matter.

“The Holy Spirit closes gaps and brings us together,” he said.  “Things that divide us are fewer than Jesus’ bringing us together in the family of God.  We’re on different teams in the same league.”

During the offering, people filled out cards with requests for prayer or visitation.  These were divvied up among the pastors. The offering went to Family Promise of North Idaho and Convoy of Hope - North Idaho.

To dedicate the offering, the Beth Shalom Messianic Jewish Community choir sang and their liturgical dancers danced.

After the Lord’s prayer, Cantor David Seidner of Beth Shalom gave the Aaronic Benediction in Hebrew and in English.

During planning for the 2013 Post Falls Festival, Pam Hauser, a member of the Post Falls Chamber of Commerce, suggested having a worship service as part of the festival.  Three churches, Calvary Lutheran Church, Post Falls Church of the Nazarene, and Sky Prairie United Methodist Church, were Chamber members. 

Matt was at the meeting and took the idea to a pastors’ monthly breakfast meeting.  Four agreed to plan a service. 

The first year, pastors of the three Chamber member churches and Community Presbyterian Church planned an informal service in front of City Hall.  About 175 people attended, mostly members of those congregations.

The second year, more churches were involved and about 180 people gathered there.

The venue changed this year to the Grand Pavilion at Q’emiln Park.  Matt believes that made a difference in the make-up—fewer from participating churches—and more people—246—attending. 

“We do not call it ecumenical worship.  Ecumenism always has its eye on the next thing,” Matt said.  “We’re simply doing this.” 

They hope more congregations will participate in the future. 

“Participating churches rotate roles each year.  Each congregation lives into its tradition in its part of the service with no coordination,” Matt said.

The preacher chooses the Scripture.  Musicians and singers choose the music, using hymns familiar to many.  Prayer leaders pray in their own style.


For information, contact Matt at (208) 773-5321 or at

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