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Editorial Reflections

As multipliers of respect, Fig Tree media need support

A link to the KSPS-TV Northwest Profiles’ program on The Fig Tree last spring at is a way to share our story.

Recent hate-based threats locally, racism and injustice nationally, and wars and oppression globally make it clear that our work to spread respect and reconciliation as we cover religion news is crucial. 

We inform and inspire people to be involved by telling stories of people who sacrifice, speak out and persist to strive for love and justice, for dignity and equality because of their values and faith.

People need to know about good things being done by people motivated by faith.

Mainstream media cover news we need to know.  It includes events that anger, frustrate, discourage and scare us.  Those things are happening, and people respond to them.

Aware of those realities, we tell how people make a difference by living their faith.  Their stories inspire people to be multipliers, giving hope. 

Stories of people’s involvement and caring inspire more people to be involved, aware they’re not alone.  Human-interest feature stories do that. Our focus is on faith in action, a unique version of religion news that builds ecumenical, interfaith, community and interpersonal understanding.

We hope you see your face and hear your voice in The Fig Treeā€”in stories of people of the area’s many races and cultures, faiths and nonprofits, income and education levels, genders and generations. 

Through the Resource Directory, we connect people with resources.  It’s so popular, we are increasing circulation from 10,000 to 11,500.  We recommend that people, congregations and agencies make advance orders and consider being underwriters through advertising and donating.

We believe, as historian Howard Zinn says, “Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.” 

Our media are multipliers that inform, inspire and involve people.

Along with your donations, become one of the faces of The Fig Tree by helping with displays, writing, delivery, events and editing. 

Help The Fig Tree reach and nurture more readers!  Be a face of The Fig Tree!  Help us reach new generations of readers and supporters.

As a multiplier of the stories and actions we cover, you can help transform the world.

We give thanks for sponsors and benefit donors who make The Fig Tree possible!

Mary Stamp - editor

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