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Fig Tree Editors and Staff

Mary Stamp - editor and publisher
For Mary Stamp, writing and editing The Fig Tree has been a direct service ministry and model of peace/solutions journalism since 1984. Read more
Contact the Editor : 509-535-1813

Malcolm Haworth - resource directory editor and ecumenical coordinator
Malcolm Haworth began the work of researching the faith and nonprofit communities and expanding the Directory as an AmeriCorps volunteer community outreach coordinator with the Fig Tree in February 20007. Read more
Contact the Directory Editor : 509-535-4112

Lorna Kropp - webmaster
Lorna Kropp updates and maintains The Fig Tree website, develops new features and web outreach, and helps with video editing for special events.
Contact the Webmaster

Kaye Hult - North Idaho editorial assistant
Kaye Hult is assisting writing articles, editing and constituency development in North Idaho.  She is coordinating the 2013 Benefit Breakfast and Benefit Lunch.  She is also entering information on past articles in our archival database.

- marketing intern

- Whitworth University Journalism Class Intern

Austriauna Brooks

Fig Tree Editorial Team:
Mary Stamp - Editor/Publisher - United Church of Christ

Fig Tree Board:

Nick Block - Moderator Pro Tem - Friends Church 2019
John Wang - Vice-Moderator - United Methodist 2018
Lauri Clark-Strait - member - Disciples of Christ 2017
Kathy Sandusky - Treasurer - Presbyterian 2017

Mary Ann Farley, SNJM - edit team - Catholic 2019
Kaye Hult - member - United Church of Christ 2017
Roger Ross - Member - Episcopalian 2019
Barb Borgans - member - United Church of Christ 2019
Happy Watkins - Member - Baptist 2019
Stasia Wendlinder - member - Catholic 2018
Malcolm Haworth - edit team
Kimmy Meinecke -member - Lutheran - 2019
Nick Beamer - member - Presbyterian - 2018
Pat Millen, OSF - member - Catholic -2019