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What is the Mission of the Fig Tree?

Fig Tree Mission

The Fig Tree covers stories of people in the faith and nonprofit communities of the Inland Northwest to break through divisions among people to promote unity and action for the common good through --

The Fig Tree newspaper - published on the first Wednesdays of September through June with 7,700 copies circulating to 21,000 readers. Through it we seek to support ecumenical, interfaith and community efforts by connecting people, sharing stories, building understanding, stirring compassion, exploring issues, offering reflection, opening dialogue, networking people and inspiring people. The Fig Tree is available free - like public broadcasting - many readers donage to support us. October issue art
Website at - updated each month, with more photos and stories than in the print edition. PDF versions are also available to download, along with event fliers, advertising rates and project descriptions. More than 5,280 unique visitors and 90,000 hits per month, website graphic
Annual Resource Directory: Guide to Congregations and Community Resources - updated and published in print and online in the summer to connect people in the faith, nonprofit, human services and civic communities. 14,500 copies printed this year. It is underwritten in part with support from our major community partners. To be a supporter contact the Editor: 2015-2016 Directory Cover
Faith in Action Dialogue - The Eastern Washington
Legislative Conference each winter offers understanding of
statewide ecumenical and interfaith issues that have impact
on the lives and wellbeing of people in this region. We also offer
other opportunities for gathering, discussion and worship.

The Deepening Our Roots Benefits - We serve a Breakfast and a Lunch in March to raise funds to support our media, increase awareness of our mission and media model, share the impact of our work and celebrate our volunteers.

Save the Dates:
Lunch = March 8, 2019
Breakfast = March 13, 2019

View Northwest Profiles' story, "Faith Value," on The Fig Tree and Editor Mary Stamp on our 30th Anniversary. KSPS NW Profiles