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Love permeates what we do with The Fig Tree—sharing love stories.

Fig Tree stories tell of people turning selfishness, greed, lust, lies, hate, division, oppression, injustice, grief, anger, hunger, poverty, homelessness, racism and more into hope. They do that out of faith, because they love God, love God’s creation, love people who are all made in God’s image, and love themselves, because they live in love.

How exciting it is to edit The Fig Tree and share of a counselor loving traumatized teens, camp directors loving children and youth, a pacifist caring for God’s creation, a mother turning grief to service, a young man stepping up to overcome racism and environmental allies in solidarity with tribes.  That’s just this issue.

Then there is the love of all connected with The Fig Tree to make it possible, love exemplified by Marilyn Stedman and so many who have continued volunteering and giving in love for our ecumenical vision that we may be one in love, because God loves.

The many Fig Tree stories of people who make a difference are stories of love that compel people to care and act.

Loving the hungry and those needing shelter, the immigrants and those in prisons, the thirsty, the poor and those marginalized by racism, living faithful and serving in community, working for peace, advocating justice, making mittens, stitching quilts, collecting shoes, reading to children, cleaning a house, chopping wood, sitting with someone who is dying, listening to someone’s story—these are among the love stories in The Fig Tree each issue.

Mary Stamp – Editor

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