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Diane Crow rediscovers power of faith in stories

Diane Crow
Diane Crow

Diane Crow joined the editing team in 2011 after signing up to help edit at a benefit breakfast.

She earned a degree in political science in 1964 at the University of California in Riverside.  For her teaching credential at Fullerton, she majored in English and earned a master’s degree in English at San Diego State in 1976.  She taught high school for six years.

Then Diane began 20 years of working with the California Teachers Association Union, traveling throughout the state doing training and organizing with K-12, community colleges and higher education. 

For seven years, she worked on political campaigns and initiatives, particularly related to property taxes and school vouchers.

In 1992, she visited Sandy Roistacher in Spokane.  After retiring at 55, Diane moved here in 1997 to live with Sandy.  In Spokane, she has been involved in politics, managing local, state and national campaigns.

“I became involved with The Fig Tree because I loved teaching English composition and wanted to do something that has a longer life than a six-month campaign,” said Diane, who helps edit the newspaper and directory.

Although “not a traditional religious person,” Diane enjoys reading what people do “in the spirit of faith and charity.”  She grew up in a Congregational Church and was in campus ministry until theology/philosophy did not make sense.

“The Fig Tree does what I respond to.  It tells stories,” she said.  “When I read a book on a religion, I don’t understand it.  In politics, we know the power of telling a story. In telling stories, The Fig Tree makes sense of faith.”

Diane also appreciates that faith communities realize people need more than blankets to help after disasters.  Faith communities are with people for long-term recovery needs and counseling, she said.

Diane Crow joined the editing team in 2011 after signing up to help edit at a benefit breakfast.

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