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Eugenie Alexander finds editing a break from stresses

Eugenie Alexander
Eugenie Alexander

Eugenie Alexander, who has long enjoyed editing, finds editing for The Fig Tree a break from stresses in life and an opportunity for companionship.

Looking for such an opportunity, she went to a Fig Tree training for writers and editors in 2009 at Unity House at Gonzaga University, where The Fig Tree had its office for several years.

She has also helped edit the resource directory.

“Editing days are times of comfort and support for me, especially when my husband was sick and programming work with IBM was stressful,” she said.

Eugenie moved with her family from Belize to California in the 1970s for junior high, high school and college. 

She earned a degree in political science in 1979 at Santa Clara University and a MBA from the University of Phoenix in 1996.  She knew her husband, Himes, in junior high, but they did not meet again and marry until 1980, when he was in the Navy.

While living in San Jose, IBM hired her in 1981.  After leaving the Navy, Himes worked in juvenile detention part time.  His sister, who attended Whitworth in the 1970s and lived in Spokane, said there were openings in juvenile corrections in Spokane.

Eugenie and Himes divorced in 1990, and she stayed in San Jose, moving to Spokane in 1997, when they remarried and she was able to work from home as a mobile employee with IBM.

Himes grew up in the Church of God in Christ, and Eugenie was Catholic.  He was attending Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church when she moved to Spokane, so they continued to attend and be active in ministry. 

Himes was ordained in 2000, continuing work with juvenile corrections until 2012, when he became ill.  He died in 2013.

Since leaving IBM, Eugenie is now studying at Eastern Washington University to earn a postbaccalaureate degree in business and marketing education, for a career and technical education certificate.

She continues to make time to edit The Fig Tree.

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