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Fall concert brings together interfaith musicians

Choreteur’s annual fall concert, “Spokane at Prayer,” will present native American drumming, Hispanic, traditional Catholic, traditional Protestant, spirituals, a Jewish song and more at its concert at 4 p.m., Sunday, Nov. 24, at St. Joseph Catholic Church at W. Dean and N. Walnut.

The closing song, “Many Are the Ways All of Us Pray to One God,” captures the spirit of the event, said Choreteur director Janet Gorman.

Normally a 16-voice singing group, 12 will give this presentation along with native American, Hispanic and Jewish singers and drummers.

When the group began 33 years ago, it did Madrigal Dinner Theater for 25 of those years, involving people of different ages and religions.

In the spring, Choreteur does a pop concert.

“I believe that to be a musician is to be a peacemaker,” said Janet.  “We look at TV news and see what is happening in the world, but can’t do anything about it.  We can do what is within our reach.

“We can get together as people of different faiths and do what we can,” she said.  “For me, that means doing music.”

Janet started the Holy Names Music Center and still teaches music in her home.


For information, call 276-2605.

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