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Fig Tree Feature Articles 2009 Archive

December 2009

rachel dolezal

Human rights integrate into lives in the region through the Human Rights Education Institute (HREI)

Craig Goodwin

Family and church model sustainable options with commitment to "eat local" and host farmer's market.

Grace Luthran Church closing gives pause for reflecting on ministry, lives,and service in community
John Charles Thomas NAACP banquet looked like the racial diversity that the organization's founders intended 100 years ago.
Elain Breckenridge Celtic Christianity delights in nature and the sacred found everywhere, especially in the ordinary moments.
Calvary Soup Kitchen Calvary Soup Kitchen will feed homeless on Saturdays in Calvary Baptist Church's parsonage.
Madelyn Bafus
Kay Brandenburg
Scott Ellis Blue Button employs teens to silk- screen shirts and at same time teach job skills in Hillyard neighborhood.
2nd harvest giveaway Mobile food distributions help foodbank target pockets of poverty in eastern Washington and North Idaho.
Chris Venne
westminster soup
Words can seem abstractions, until they are made real in our families and communities everyday lives.
Death and loss may undermine confidence, but faith gives us eyes to see.
Lisa Stocker IWW Free Speech re-enactment stirsawareness of Spokane's past involvement in progressive issues.

November 2009

Keely Eschenbacher Girl Scouts "Uniquely Me" program challenges media images for girls in t he Inland Northwest.
Paul Rodkey Freeway sparks new mission for Bethany Presbyterian Church as they move to Bethlehem Lutheran Church.
Ganesh Himal Ganesh Himal celebrates 25th year and helps start a village clinic in Baseri Dhading, Nepal.
Nolan Redman
Ivan Bush and Happy Watkins
Jesse Davis
Alica Hochhalter Shoes and socks ministry by Riverview Christian Center provides for low income Spokane children.
barbed wire art
Editorial Do congregations and faiths model business as usual or live faith
Editorial Just a few grains of salt can season the world with peace

October 2009

Eva Lassman
Dan Berg Deer Park church's name, Open Door' reflects its early years of leaving its door unlocked for people passing through.
Cheney students
Alan Eschenbacher
Tracey Waring GOAL Project helps empower women leaving prison in Medical Lake and give them hope . .
Susie Weller Parent and life-skills educator Susie Weller applies four-brain theory to families, churches
Liz Moore
Knowing the source of ‘talking points,’we might look at in-depth sources. read more

September 2009

Oscas Haupt
Linda Thompson
North Fork church raising
Jolie Monasterio
Joan Broeckling
Evita Krislock
Our Sister's Closet
Unity Communty dancer

We forget that the ‘public’ is us and about real people’s experiences

Health care, education, jobs and fair wages benefit society

June 2009

Maria Cuc
Camp Cross Church camps empower youth. Area camp managers expect scholarships and power of experience to keep numbers up.
Mexican farmer
Ralph Broetje
Martin Wells
VBS child
Tom Richardson 2
Mrytle Kaul
Karen Torkelson

May 2009

Rusty and Nancy Nelson
Marilee Roloff
Mike Ogle
Yom HaShaoh
Rita Waldref
Ezra Kinlow
Rick Melin
Moses Pulei
Jason Clark

April 2009

FeliciaReilly Faith and Environment Network inspires faith community to care for creation and promote ecology.
Marty Miller
Sally Duffy
Miriam Abrahamowicz-Ferst
Marian Beaumier
Linda Crowe
campus mea Food is integral to University of Idaho Campus Christian Center's ministry to students in Moscow, Idaho.
Father Dean Brackley, SJ
New building expands New Hope Center.


March 2009

Audrey Wagner
Warde Bayyuk
Dong Jin
Donna Christensen
Connie Malone
Guatemala Sign in Colfax
Dale  Cockrum
Kevin Scherer
Editorial Economically challenging times call for churches to be churches, serving their congregations and communities.

February 2009

David Brown Eagle
Spokane Alliance
Jimmy Pierce
Gail Duba
Adie Goldberg
Bob Peeler
Mission Outreach

January 2009

Yvonne Morton
Wallace Williams
Tara Leininger
Juliet Sinisterra
Barb Borgens


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