Fig Tree Logo

Our Mission

The Fig Tree promotes communication among people in faith and nonprofit communities of the Inland Northwest. We seek to break through divisions among people of faith to build understanding, and to promote unity and action for the common good, especially by means of The Fig Tree newspaper, communication media, resource directory, programs and events.

Our Purpose

The Fig Tree is an ecumenical and interfaith organization and we seek to educate readers through our media and programs:

  • Connect people of faith on common concerns;
  • Share stories of people living their faith values every day;
  • Explore faith, ethical and justice issues to find common ground;
  • Offer theological reflection and dialogue to foster understanding;
  • Network congregations and organizations to pool resources; and
  • Inspire people to join in common action locally and globally.

What is Peace/Solutions Journalism?

Covers many perspectives to build understanding

Encourages dialogue to dispel divisions

Reconciles relationships through long-term ties

Presents diverse people in their context

Connects people on issues of faith and values

Pursues justice in the face of injustice

We model solutions-oriented, peace journalism

The Fig Tree is community journalism that is an alternative for faiths and nonprofits. By modeling peace/solutions journalism, we help people become media literate and challenge media to be responsible. “Peace journalism” communicates among diverse people respecting their varied perspectives and nuances. In our “solutions journalism,” we share stories about how people live their faith and values to make a difference. Our media uplift non-violent, reconciling responses to conflict.

Often media of faith and nonprofit communities seek to win the attention of mass media, shifting their message and values to gain coverage. Often they adopt secular, corporate business models seeking to draw people to the pews, yet even as numbers in pews decline, spirituality and justice action flourish.

We use peace/solutions journalism aware of typical mainstream media approaches that is often “info-tainment” news, scintillating dramas based on assumptions of what sells – conflict, violence, sex, sensation, media and celebrity. Such stories give us a skewed view of the world. News is what is unusual—overblown to win our attention that is overwhelmed with information, stimulation and violence.

The Fig Tree communication recognizes there are a variety of perspectives along the continuum between the over-covered opposite extremes that create polarization. Peace journalism keeps people aware of the diversity around them in culture, gender, race, religion, identities, approaches and solutions. Fig Tree stories take readers from frustration at the either-or mindset and open them to nuances on issues. Our stories not only help readers know they are not alone, but also connect them.

Media have a responsibility to build community. In the midst of the negative focus on problems, there are solutions that our communities need to hear about. The world needs hope. The Fig Tree starts where mainstream media leaves off. Yes, there are conflicts, but there are also relationships, resolutions and reconciliations. People of faith, despite differences, work together here and abroad to feed the hungry, to help the homeless, welcome strangers, work for peace and to educate on racism, sexism and issues that divide the community. The Fig Tree is not just a newspaper, website, videos or directory. It’s the people who we interview, whose stories we share, who read or view the stories and who connect with others to act to make a difference, inspired and empowered by our stories.

The Fig Tree approach spreads hope and empowers people.