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The Fig Tree is about sharing, reflecting, engaging and connecting

Simply put, we are about sharing stories, reflecting on issues, engaging in dialogue and connecting people to inspire action.

In a time of division,
  we need to understand each other.
In a time of exclusion
  we need to reach out to each other.
In a time of confusion
  we need to learn about each other.
In a time of hate
  we need to embrace each other.
In a time of isolation
  we need to be in solidarity with each other.

The Fig Tree’s strength is sharing stories, helping people give voice to their values and share how they and others are making a difference. The Resource Directory’s strength is in connecting people with each other and resources.

Both move us beyond where typical media leave us hanging in conflict, numbed by violence, silenced by sensation and feeling hopeless to address problems.

Fig Tree media exist to inform, inspire and involve us.  We have a responsibility to help us see through propaganda, sexism, fear and hate that divide us. In these times, in all times, we are to be about “Including Everyone” because “We Need Each Other.”

Last spring, we lost a long-time partner with the Resource Directory, so we developed the Community Partners Project. We printed 14,500, instead of 12,000 copies.  We drew partnerships from Second Harvest, Banner Bank, the Martin Luther King Jr. Family Outreach Center, Catholic Charities, Washington Trust and Empire Health Services. The Arc helped with distribution.

We have fewer than 100 copies until we publish in July.

We invite new entities to join continuing partners and be partners this year—order copies ahead and help underwrite them.

We now see the directory not only as a tool for service providers to help people in need but also as a self-help tool for people to use to look for their own solutions.

Today, we have new energy from students in Florida, the MeToo movement, the Poor People’s Campaign and more.  As that new energy joins the ongoing efforts, may we realize we need each other to become ongoing witnesses to the call of our faiths to love, care, seek mercy, do justice and walk humbly. The Fig Tree can help with education and dialogue to spur the momentum to keep on keeping on.

The more funds we circulate in the faith, nonprofit, human service, justice advocacy communities, the healthier the society and those sectors are. The more people who volunteer the stronger each nonprofit is.  We have two interns and new writers.

 Rallies, marches, workshops, conferences and responsible media are what democracy looks like, stirring people to speak out and seek justice. 

Our media are valuable tools as they enable us to be informed about opportunities to walk, march, talk, pray and work to bend the arc of history toward justice.

Mary Stamp - Editor

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