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November 2022

Recipes and preparation hints The Kitchen at Second Harvest offers save costs

Professor raises visibility of the history, identities and issues for Chicana/os
Suicide survivors healing event planned by Opportunity Presbyterian Church

Credit Unions help two Habitat families build their homes in East Central area

'One River, Ethics Matter' speakers tell of salmon returning to Columbia watershed
Lutheran pastor lends spiritual, ethical perspectives to bring return of salmon
Warren Seyler says: 'Tribal people are—often to their detriment— forgiving people'
While DNA carries traumatic experiences, traditions give resilience to people today
Daughter continues efforts for uranium cleanup and for establishing a health clinic
WCC Assembly worship resources are available for churches to use in their worship
WCC Assembly worship took participants a journey around the world in music
WCC Plenary 3 examined questions on wholeness of life in truth-telling dialogue
Fair trade has best year, relationships build opportunities for girls
PJALS Academy helps participants re-imagine before they engage with others
Giving to faith communities assures partners are ready to respond to disasters
St. Andrew's, now 95, dedicated to serve their hungry neighbors, children
Editorial: Fear tactics may exacerbate issues, care tactics can help bring shalom to homeless
Editorial: God cares what we do 'with our one wild and precious life' to care and help
Sounding Board: Saying 'thank you' for the ways clergy assist people makes a difference

Healing the Earth Vigil at Old Mission, Catdaldo, reminds of work still needed at toxic waste site