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The cycle of giving circles in the faith and nonprofit world to strengthen all


With ongoing appeals from candidates and causes this fall, we may feel overwhelmed about giving.  Now we’re in the “giving” season and appeals continue to come, many from nonprofits concerned about how new policies may affect how they can respond to the many human needs.

Before tightening giving, it’s important to remember a key dynamic known in rural communities: The more people spend locally, and the more times the money circulates in a town before it goes out, the more prosperous that community will be. 

The same is true for nonprofit and faith communities.  The more organizations and individuals in them support each other’s benefit events, funding appeals, volunteer needs and underwriting opportunities, the more resources are available to cycle through each nonprofit for the good things they do, before they cycle into other nonprofits’ work, and back again.

That dynamic of economic health is important to keep in mind given the recent turnovers with retirements in many agencies. Nonprofits rely on nurturing relationships, so with staff changes, there is need to re-establish relationships to continue the cycle of mutual support. 

We have been retelling The Fig Tree story to build new relationships, so new people know the unique role of our publication in enhancing lives of nonprofits here.

Plus our editor and staff donate to and do business with many of our advertisers/underwriters, along with providing coverage to inform people of nonprofits and ministries.  In addition, our readers donate to and give their business to our advertisers/underwriters.  Our experience is just one example of the cycling or resources that keeps our nonprofit infrastructure healthy.

We also realize how crucial our relationships are in face of the recent hate incidents. If we isolate ourselves, we may feel discouraged or wonder why try to make a difference.  The reason to keep on doing what we do—standing up for respect, dignity, equality, justice, peace, compassion, love and sustainability—is because we always need to do that. The Fig Tree reminds us by sharing inspiring stories of people who are making a difference.

We must discern our role in continuing the sacred cycle of giving. 

Mary Stamp - Editor

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