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Cuts to domestic violence funds affect two agencies

 Transitions and the YWCA in Spokane received notice in May that Housing and Urban Development (HUD) will not fund $233,217 in services for survivors of domestic violence in the coming year. As HUD continues to restrict funding to specific types of housing programs, units available to assist women, particularly survivors of domestic violence have been cut, said Mary Tracey of Transitions.

Last fall, HUD funds were not reinstated to programs at the YWCA. The loss of $155,796 affected support services. HUD said they would no longer fund this type of service, despite the crises faced by women fleeing domestic violence, she said.

In May, there was another blow to the safety net when funds were eliminated for both the YWCA’s transitional housing and Transitions’ Miryam’s House and Transitional Living Center.

Between the programs, nearly 60 families were affected with 90 percent of the women they serve attempting to stabilize after fleeing domestic violence.

Sixteen units were lost in April. Major support services were lost a few months earlier, Mary said.

“Survivors face a myriad of challenges when trying to rebuild their lives after experiencing family violence. These barriers include emergency shelter and transitional housing historically funded by HUD, and work readiness supports a woman needs to access permanent housing. With ending supportive services dollars and funding for transitional housing, survivors are left with fewer options at a highly desperate moment in their lives,” said Regina Malveaux, YWCA chief executive officer

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