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Faith-based Camps Connect Faith and Fun

MiVoden offers traditional and ultimate camps

MiVoden Camp offers three weeks of age-based youth camps, plus “ultimate” camps, offered three weeks each—cowboy, extreme teen and wakeboard/waterskiing—and one week of white water rafting.

There are also two weeks of family camps and a five-day medical/dental camp, a postgraduate course on new techniques and hands-on experiences for students’ families.

MiVoden is a Seventh-Day Adventist camp located on 500 acres on the northern shore of Hayden Lake, drawing about 200 people a week from July 1 through Aug. 20.

Through activities and relationships with the 95 paid staff who “work to show Christ to the campers, we seek to bring people closer to Christ,” said Denise Kinney, who has been camp registrar for 12 years.

About two-thirds of campers are Adventist, she said, noting that camp experiences carry over into greater involvement in church life and youth groups.

For information, call 208-772-3484 or visit

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