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Faith-based Camps Connect Faith and Fun

Disciples youth camps build relationships

Sandy Messick

The youth ministry coordinator for the Northwest Region Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is Chris Snow, the pastor at North Hill Christian Church in Spokane.  He oversees the camps and will work to bring Montana’s camp, Cambridge West in Lincoln, and the Northwest’s camps together to create one camp program.

There will be a kids and junior camp one week in Gwinwood, which is owned by Western Washington Disciples congregations.  The Eastern Washington churches sold Zephyr several years ago.

The week of junior and senior high camp will be at the Brethren camp Koinonia at Cle Elum.  It’s the second year of doing junior and senior high together.

“Our goal with camps is to build relationships to form community, to identify what it means to be Christian and to gain a sense that the campers are part of the wider Christian Church family,” said Sandy Messick, the Northwest regional executive minister, who previously volunteered as a counselor and director for camps. Disciples camp staff is volunteer.

About 60 go to the junior/senior high camp and 30 to the kids/junior camp.

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