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Faith-based Camps Connect Faith and Fun

Climbing through or swinging from ropes course builds confidence

Ross Point camper climbs up inside a rope ladder.

Through her 15 years as administrative assistant at Ross Point, Marta Walker has valued working with the camp as a ministry that changes lives.  She has been there long enough to see campers grow and send their own children to pass on their faith to them.

One person recently said she became a Christian when she came to Ross Point in 1965.

This year the campers, beginning with second graders through senior high, plus family camps, will discuss the theme, “More than Enough” from Ephesians 3:20. 

Volunteer directors for each youth camp will frame programs for the week and speakers around the theme, working with volunteer and paid counselors, and eight summer staff who provide the meals and facility and recreation.

About 500 campers come, many from the American Baptist network, and other local children and children from Christian schools.

“We want children and youth to gain a sense of God’s presence and a deeper relationship with Christ through teaching and outdoor activities,” said Marta.

“The high ropes course and team building activities build a sense of relying on God to help campers through fears, to cooperate with each other, to build servant leadership, to stretch their faith and to build community,” said Marta.

Staff talk with campers about how God relates to them in everything they do,” she said.

“Building camp community is important today because we are so scattered in our society,” she said.

Camp Journey for children and families touched by cancer will be at Ross Point July 29 to Aug. 4.

This year, Ross Point, which is on the Spokane River at Post Falls, had to replace its high ropes course because of a bark beetle infestation in some of the trees.  They had to be cut and now the course is on telephone poles in a grove of trees. 

In addition, they created three new elements to the course.  They are still raising funds for the new course, which cost $26,000 with a matching gift offered for $13,000.

This fall, Ross Point will add two new 12-bed cabins to increase its capacity from 140 to 164 campers/guests to meet demand. The new cabins are for summer and year-round use.

For information, call 208-773-1655 or visit

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