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May inspiring moments inspire every day

By Mary Stamp

Eclipse images projected through leaves onto sidewalk near Mary Stamp’s home.

The eclipse moments of our lives set us in awe, reminding us of how small we are in the vast universe God created. Last month’s eclipse or partial eclipse may have drawn people to a common gaze toward the heavens, but there were also the experiences that surrounded us with images of the eclipse’s progress and waning on our sidewalks and lawns through the leaves, which served as pinhole cameras reversing and capturing the image.

The wonders of life—be it the birth of a baby, a sunset or sunrise, the reflection of clouds and sky on the satiny ripples of a river or lake, the might of waterfalls—the wonders of creation are around us, calling us to take responsibility for the history happening around us.

Yes, history keeps happening.  We can feel helpless watching it, or we can take responsibility, entering into the waters to cause ripples.

If we don’t like abuse, hate, violence, torture, war, injustice, inequality, we can step into the waters so our story becomes part of what shapes history.  We are called as people of faith to be more than blown in the wind.  We are called to face the winds of oppression and stand against the tide of evil, not silently accept it.

History happens.  It comes and goes.  It need not overwhelm us into silence, but being aware it is temporary, we can act to influence the tide of opinion, bending the arc of justice toward loving community.

The eclipse reflected through the leaves onto the sidewalk beside my home where everyday people walk in the summer; where we rake fall leaves; where we shovel snow; where we set out the garbage and recycling; where maple tree seed pods will fall again next spring.

Will we remember the moments of awe to let them inspire us through the times of challenge?

In these times, we need to keep our eyes on what is happening around us, attuned to the flow of history.  Will we let history repeat itself?  Will we speak up?  Will we see truth or succumb to a sea of lies in our everyday lives, in our nation and in our world? 

Will we let the moment of awe remind us of our place in the universe and our responsibility to heed the call to help bend the arc of history toward justice? 

Will we be part of the force for healing, reconciliation and peace?

Will we let love overcome hate in our lives and communities?

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