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Benefits are opportunities to support The Fig Tree

Each spring the Benefit Events are a chance to give a gift to support our gift of love.

The Spring Benefit Events offer opportunities to give generously for our mission, newspaper website, directory, stories, events and operations.

The benefit is also a chance to offer your labor of love, volunteering to support our labor of love. We always need more to join our team of 50 volunteers who help with editing, writing, organizing, delivering, mailing, calling and networking.

An important role is to use the resources and videos from the benefit events to spread the word about The Fig Tree and Resource Directory, to share our story to reach more people in congregations, nonprofits and the community—to invite new readers, new sponsors, new advertisers and new community partners to share in the venture.

Donors join us in the journey to justice, pilgrimage to peace, road to reconciliation, the call to care for all creation.

We are called to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly as we seek to deepen the roots of The Fig Tree so everyone—everyone of all faiths or no faith—can live under its branches—in shalom, in beloved community.

We journey now from the 50th year of the Resource Directory to celebrate in 2024 the 40th anniversary of The Fig Tree's founding. 

Walk with us to learn about responsible media, credible communication, peace and solutions journalism.

Walk with us as we inform, inspire and involve people to build understanding and respect among diverse people in our community and the world. 

Mary Stamp, Editor

Copyright@ The Fig Tree, April 2023