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NAACP, Providence expand health care careers


Lisa Gardner

Spokane NAACP and Providence Health Services are partnering to provide health care career development opportunities for communities of color.

Providence recently hosted students from Rogers High School at Sacred Heart Medical Center for a hands-on educational experience, learning from nurses and surgical technicians at interactive learning stations.

The event is part of ongoing work by the Spokane NAACP Health Committee, which meets with Rogers students to make careers in health care more accessible and create a health care system that reflects the community's diversity.

"Our committee seeks to ensure everyone who wants to work in health care has the opportunity, regardless of economic status, ethnicity or skin color," said Elin Zander, Health Committee chair.

"We should all have the opportunity to be cared for by health care providers who not only look like us, but also understand our life experiences and culture," said Lisa Gardner, Spokane NAACP Branch vice president. "If we can do that, someday our health care system will look like the community it serves, and patients will experience the comfort and care they deserve."

"Providence is committed to diversity and inclusion by creating space for everyone to bring their perspectives, identities and life experiences to service," said Anna Franklin, Providence chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer for Eastern Washington/Montana. "Together, we can promote health for a better world by creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce."

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