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'Between the trees' poem connects people

sunset Lake Coeur d'Alene


Between the trees

I can see so much more

An always changing scene

That leaves me comforted

I want to nestle in deep


Between the trees

I can hear so much more

The eagle's morning cry

The rising sun's sigh

Here I can hear


Between the trees

I can feel so much more

Beneath the early wind

I feel my soul opening

Making space for the love 


Between the trees

I can love so much more

Knowing the world is providing

Holding all in its embrace

Showing me God's face


Between the trees

I can learn so much more

Of the gifts I have to give

Providing possibilities to all

Without question or intent


Between the trees

I can find my place

Begin to understand my role

To be in part rather than a part

Involved from root to crown


Poem/Photo by Mark Boyd

He is the managing director as N-Sid-Sen, the camp and conference center of the Pacific Northwest United Church of Christ on Lake Coeur d'Alene.

Living and working in that setting, he takes the opportunity almost daily to share a ministry of poetry and photography. He shares the images and insights several times a week on Facebook——reminding people throughout the region of the beauty and spiritual insights stirred in the surroundings of their "home on the lake."

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