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Summer Camps of Faith Communities - by Anna Crigger

Ross Point has more family camps

Swimmer enjoys Spokane River at Ross Point.

By Anna Crigger

Ross Point Camp and Conference Center on the Spokane River in Post Falls draws people primarily from the Spokane and Coeur d'Alene area, but some travel up to 400 miles to come.

Ross Point has camps and retreats for both youth and adults. There are more youth programs in the summer and more adult programs throughout the year, said John Batchelder, director of Ross Point.

"We anticipate that numbers will be equal to or larger than last summer," he said, hoping the number will eventually reach the level they had before COVID.

Restrictions related to COVID have become more lenient at camp, but basic precautions are still followed, including regular hand and surface sanitization. Masks are not required.

Since COVID, "we have had more groups willing to come back and gather as a community," John said. "People recognize just how much they need a community environment. We are thankful that we have gone through the steps needed to comply with the health department and make our center available."

Ross Point,a year-round facility, is busiest from May to October with nonprofits, school, church and university groups.

There is no official off season, but "December is when we have the fewest people," said John, who has been at Ross Point for more than 22 years.

He and staff look forward to the break in December for planning and making improvements.

Until mid-October, meals are served every day to groups using the facility. This year, there are about 40 seasonal or part-time summer employees and eight full-time employees.

Like 2021, the 2022 camp theme for the Baptist camps is "We Receive Grace upon Grace" from John 1:16.

"Watching transformation take place in individuals and groups" are John's favorite experiences. "Ross Point is a special place that allows God to work with love in peoples' hearts," he said.

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