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Cameron Conner read The Fig Tree as a child

Cameron Conner writes monthly column


Cameron Conner, who is now a columnist with The Fig Tree, has been a lifelong reader of The Fig Tree as he grew up in Spokane.

"I'm now lucky to help contribute to it as I work internationally, looking at stories of community organizing around the world," he said.

"I love The Fig Tree because, for as long as I can remember, it has given me hope in the world, in the community and in the people of Spokane. When I need inspiration, I turn to The Fig Tree to see that there are people doing good work, living out the values and faith they hold dear.

Cameron said the stories makes him realize he's not alone.

"The Fig Tree makes us all feel like we're not alone or crazy or living in a world we don't understand. The stories in The Fig Tree make sense because they are about people being human to one another. We need stories of that shared humanity," he said.

Reading stories in The Fig Tree of people treating each other with humanity makes him feel "like Spokane, and this world, are places I can belong. I can have hope, trust and faith."

Growing up he would come down to the kitchen table in the morning and see a copy of The Fig Tree lying there.

"I read stories about people in Spokane who I didn't know. I felt, my gosh, there are many amazing people in my community. I want to be like those people someday," he said.

"Forty years is longer than I've been alive, and 40 years of those stories go a long way towards creating a narrative about the world as it should be.

"So, congratulations The Fig Tree! Happy 40th birthday and here's to 40 more!"

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