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Churches' ties open opportunities

Simple acts of sharing love between Covenant United Methodist Church (UMC) in North Spokane and Buenas Nuevas Lutheran Church in El Paisnal, El Salvador, opened the opportunity for Flor Chavez to study nursing in Ohio and return to serve her community.

"I hope people appreciate what they have, and if they have enough resources that they find a way to share with others," said Flor who visited Spokane May 13 to 23. "For those who lack resources, don't be discouraged. There are opportunities. God will open doors for us to overcome every circumstance."

Diane Thomas, who with her husband Rick and the Sister Church Ministry Team, hosted Flor for a 10-day visit to their church and community, encourages other congregations to establish partner churches and then find ways to show Christ's love.

As part of the two churches' 30-year sister-church relationship, she visited El Salvador three times,. . . . .


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