Vision of equality is crucial every day

Stephy Nobles Beans combined song and words to invite several thousand people gathered Jan. 20 at the Spokane Convention Center for the Martin Luther King Jr. Day Rally and March to “keep your eyes on the prize”—the prize being the gift to dream and keep dreaming the vision that everyone will be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.

“Freedom’s name is mighty sweet, and soon we’re gonna meet,” she sang. “Only chain a man can stand is that chain of hand in hand.”

She clarified that the national holiday is for “the Rev. Dr. King, a man of God, a husband, father, friend, comrade and dreamer.”

Stephy, who is associate chaplain for diversity, equity and inclusion ministry at Whitworth University, said, “his name is historical. Many recognize it. Some remember bits and pieces of facts. Some have forgotten. Some say the dreamer’s vision has been lulled to sleep and only awakened during the holiday.”


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